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Nokia/ALU Resident Engineer

The following opportunity is based on a potential opening.  We are currently accepting resumes.  The position may be available immediately, for the right candidate.

Job Description – Resident Engineer
Location – Daegu, South Korea
Status – 1099
Rate – D.O.E.


In-country Resident Engineer at RCCK Camp Walker (Korea).

 This is for a resident engineer who is a United States citizen who will support the US Army transport network in Korea.  This engineer will be a full-time resident in Korea and will be knowledgeable on the day to day operations and support of the Nokia 1626 DWDM, 1677 SONET, 7270, 7470, 3600 ATM equipment and the 1350 OMS management systems for these devices.  The resident engineer will provide the necessary technical support to assist in the day to day operations at RCCK Camp Walker and support its customer’s on the transport equipment.  

The request is for 40 hour per week schedule during normal working hours.  All off hour support that is not compensated by an adjusted work schedule will require overtime pay at the standard hourly rate and will need to be approved prior to the start time by the TNOSC.  United States federal holidays will be observed. The resident engineer will have a minimum of a secret security clearance.  

The Army shall provide SOFA status, government ID and ration card, secure office space, DSN telephone service, parking space and other benefits afforded to US government contractors under USFK 700-19E regulation. 

Description of the role and duties of the on-site engineers:

  •  The resident engineer will be experienced and knowledgeable with the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of ALU/Nokia optical products deployed in the U.S. Army Korea Optical Network (KOTNet).
  • The resident engineer’s primary role will be to support the ALU/Nokia optical and ATM equipment which is part of KOTNet. Other support related to the KOTNet will be provided at the program manager’s direction.
  • The resident engineers duties will include:
    • Unscheduled maintenance. Troubleshooting and follow-on repair of KOTNet optical equipment as identified by U.S. Army O&M Command Korea in coordination with the (TNOSC).
    • Unscheduled maintenance. Response to equipment alarms as directed by the (TNOSC) to determine the cause of the alarms, determine repair or repair options with or without ALU/NOKIA telephone assistance center (TAC). 
    • Open and tickets with the ALU/Nokia telephone assistance center (TAC).
    • Scheduled & unscheduled maintenance. Coordinate and perform testing in conjunction with U.S. Army O&M command and the 6th Signal Center (TNOSC) to verify the effectiveness of maintenance, repairs and clearing of alarms. 
    • Scheduled maintenance. Business operating hours are for KOTNet ALU/Nokia optical equipment 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or within hours mutually agreed upon by the U.S. Army O&M command Korea
    • After hour’s maintenance will be compensated by an adjusted work schedule reducing the hours to a 40 hour work week.   Events lasting more than 8 consecutive hours and accruing more than the standard 40 hours support in a week shall be charged at the overtime rate.  If due to the needs of the business overtime is accrued and the government is unable to allow the onsite engineers time off in compensation, overtime will be charged.

This is a SOFA sponsored contract position South Korea. Services will be available on an 8-hour, Monday through Friday schedule, exclusive of Federal and site specific State Government holidays. Initial term is from October 1, 2017 to September 20, 2018, with possible annual extensions.

NOTE: This position is contingent on the award of the contract to provide these services.

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